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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 29, 2017 3:00am-3:27am EDT

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this morning on "world news now" -- another round of destructive storms. >> milli with overnight storms taking their toll on texas. multiple tornados are reported across the state. as the south braces for more damaging wind and hail. >> teenagers who were burglars shot and killed while breaking into a house in oklahoma. now the alleged getaway driver who never fired a shot is underarrest. charged in their deaths. >> a major shift in policy regarding your privacy and the internet. republicans in washington have voted to roll back an obama-era protection. so should service providers be allowed to sell your browsing history to advertisers? >> and, no highlights? no problem, man. we're tipping our hats to
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broadcasting colleague, don't know why i turned into ♪ >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you all. we start this half-hour with off the severe storms in the south. large hail and strong wind gusts are continuing overnight and could interrupt traffic on major highways across the area. several tornados spawned including several lines of twisters north of abilene, texas. no reports of significant damage caused by storms themselves. there were storm-related deaths reported. abc's adrian bankort is in the region. >> oh, my gosh. my gosh, right in front of me! >> reporter: damaging wind. large hail.
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every day this week. in the ll the south. the threat of the storms turning deadly. three storm chasers, losing their lives in a crash outside of spur, texas. the news of their deaths coming just after a tornado warning was issued for dickens county. this latest threat following days of dangerous weather through tennessee. photographer catching the supercell through decaturville, residents blaechelief a tornado there, tossing this moenl home. >> the wind rolled it against the trees right here. completely flattened it. >> reporter: in leeds, alabama, ballplayers rushing to take shelter, hail pummels the field. and an eerie fog following the golf ball sized hail. those turbulent storms wreaking havoc. in nt
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nicole had the the first ever new car for just >> this part of the state in the cross hairs again. fame laetz here a families are cleaning up. the structure flattened. sounded like a bomb went off when the storm rolled through. more severe weather expected this week. adrian bankort, abc news, decaturville, tennessee. >> where is the dangerous weather thou? >> details from accuweather's paul williams. good morning, paul. >> good morning, diane. it is going to be pleasant in the south east. severe storms will wreck wednesday afternoon into evening. severe storms will gain momentum throughout the daytime hours lead into the evening time. here is kpthe exact area of concern. strong wave of storms. dallas, houston. bisecting, louisiana, and arkansas, on the other side of it, wednesday night when all the rain will shift over. giving
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tornado thousands.. the battle to overall health care is not over yet. during a white house reception for senators last night. the president predicted a bipartisan agreement will be reached soon enough. >> i know we are all going to make a deal on health care. that is such an easy one. i have no doubt that is going to happen very quickly. [ applause ] >> the president also gave a shoutout to house minority leader, chuck schumer and in another nod to democrats, he also promised to talk about infrastructure. >> president trump its expected to sane a bill repealing a series of the online privacy regulations issued by the obama administration. the house followed the senate's lead voting to reject the landmark protections. the measure clears the way for internet providers to collect and sell their customers browsing history. and other personal information. supporters of the repeal say the guidelines stifle innovation. kriltices say they will have their most personal details skrult nietzed and sold to the
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>> governors of california and new york are vowing to pushos a in energy production. environmentalists say the president went be able to pass a peruvian airlines jet. the boeing 737 veered to the right coming in for a landing then skidded off the runway as you can see, burst into flames. all 141. and eyewitnesses say there may have been a string gust of wind at the air port. in those mountains east of in yesterday. the tsa pat down of a 13-year-old boy and the mother says has special
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mother online. now hearing from her as well as ab shorts enraged his mother. >> i honest leave felt look we were being target the. we were the like dogs. awe all erin had not removed a laptop from the pack. the alarm leading to this. while his mother didn't call ahead to tsa she told the officer aaron has sensory processing disorder. >> i have always been like really sensitive to people touching me. whenever me touched me i got, started having hives a little bit. >> reporter: his mother posted the pat ydown lasted 1. 467891. earlier this month. tsa announcing rather than five versions one patdown protocol is allowed. in this case, the tsa says all approved procedures were followed. >> while the video may cause concern, amongst
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people have to remember that --. >> the mother says tsa owes her family an apology. she filed a come plane but has not heard from the tsa. david kerley, abc news, reagan national airport. >> britain begins official exit from the european union today. prime minister teresa may has signed a letter to the boss of the eu, basically asking for a divorce. she will formally trigger a two-year pr ses of leaving the union today. the negotiations that are starting follow last june's vote in which the british chose to leave the eu, by a thin margin. >> let's get to what is seeming like epidemic here in the u.s. serious irk to, alligators invading golf courses. check out the monster. strolling around at celebrity golf tournament in south carolina. you can see everyone is keeping their distance. smart move i would say. >> while
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park one day. >> no, thank you. gator followse showed you earlier in the week. hanging out there in florida and the golf ball made for a good lunch. >> the gator looked less relaxed. looked annoyed. here i am sun bathing, you idiots are hitting me with a golf ball. take that. >> i will have you for dinner. this might be might lunch. >> did a good job of blocking it with his head. ball would have gone into the walter otherwise. >> the monster. monster gator there. why i've don't golf. >> is that it? >> look at that. look at the size of the tiny people. like seriously. they're like mutumbo's size, and they lack like, just, what do you think scarier, alligators or snakes? >> aren't they the same thing? the same thing. it seems. >> all right, coming up -- speaking of which. we are heading into t
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so, it is actually the amazon. prescriptions that we use today. but what about these, unorthodox medicine, poison from a frog. why people are making the trip in search of healing. >> you go first. three masked intruders killed upon entering a home in broad day light. hear why the man living there, who shot them, may have been well within his rights. >> do you remember, you can always weigh in at facebook, and twitter. you're watching abc world news now. lysol max cover kills 99.9% of bacteria, even on soft surfaces. one more way you've got what it takes to protect. two kids barfed in class today. it was so gross. lysol disinfectant spray kills 99.9% of bacteria,
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so let's be clear: clearasil works fast on teen acne, not so much on other teen things. new mexico couple its facing kidnapping charges in an apparent revenge case. police say they abducted a 15-year-old who allegedly carjacked them the night before. cameras captured the kidnapping outside an albuquerque convenience store. in the video the teen runs
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moments later, an armed attacker catches him. ak 47 rifle. the teen told police the couple put him in a hole. he escaped. now the teen and the couple are all facing charges. >> now to another complex case. this one unfolding in oklahoma. the woman police say drove three would-we robbers to a home where they were killed is now charged in their deaths. and authorities are deciding whether the man who shot them did it in self defense. here is abc's clayton sandel. >> reporter: police say it began when 23-year-old zach peters awoke to the sound of three masked teenage burglars breaking into this house near tulsa, oklahoma. >> well i thauflt ought it was funders. peters used an ar-15 rifle, shooting all three burglars dead. >> two were juveniles in the range of 16, 17. one an adult male. 1.
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armed. one was with brass knuckles. the other one with a herself in the getaway driver. >> trying to clarify as the to why they chose the that house. wum was it random or some other knowledge the suspects had. >> reporter: prosecutors say oklahoma law allows for rodriguez to be charged with three murders even if she didn't pull the trigger. charges have not yet been filed. oklahoma's make my day law allows homeowners to use deadly force in self defense. but prosecutors have not yet decided if peters will face any charges. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> sound like attorneys and judge in the case will have their hand full. trying to figure this out. >> very complicated one. she did turn herself in after the incident. and just a 21-year-old, young lady. >> oklahoma law does allow people to be charged with murder if they participate in a krim that led to some one any death. >> complicated l
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half-hour. we have an historic deal, t amazon tree frog. believed by some to cleanse impurities, cure cancer, help with depression. there is one catch, it's toxic. would you put it to the test? that's next on "world news now".
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♪ ♪ >> get down. okay. so you have new age daredevils using -- the, the junk m to get some of their inspiration. poisons to cleanse their body. and they're heading into those deep, dark, jungles of peru to find a creature that makes that poison. we are up all "nightline." >> reporter: we
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the mercy of the untamed wilderness. ooh. amazonian tree frog long used by tribes here. see how many hours it takes to find this frog. now, in high demand, thousand of miles away. in the hills of los angeles. ceremonies like this one, have become the latest cleanse trend. here these people are poisoning themselves with the toxins from that frog. it is applied to burned skin. absorbed into the blood stream. >> something very unknown. this process is not for the faint of heart. >> you can all most have a sense of courage to come here. >> here, somebody -- >> the effects shortly fade away. and practicing ears say it is worth it. >> i felt like superwoman. >> reporter: claiming the process can help cure depression, drug dependency. heartg problems, h
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pressure. right now there is no research indicating benefits to human health. medicine. there is no regulation of this treatment, by the fda or other authorities. >> do you think there are any dangers associated with it? >> like any medicine itch you take it, and do it with no knowledge there is obviously, more danger. >> it is legal in the west. and the people here seem to think it is working. so, we deep sided to travel to where this ancient process began. to the amazon rain forest to see if we could find the creature at the center of the kratz. as twilight settles time to start the hunt. almost three hours. we haven't been lucky so far. they decided to park our boat. and head on foot into the jungle. there it is. that its amazing. big, huh?
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the camp owned by amazon explorer peter goreman the man who claims credit for bringing sapo to the united states. >> some how seemed to explode on the scene. the emerging stages of a small but legitimate phenomenon. the next morning, all most time for us to try for ourselves. but first, the toxins must be extracted. >> just have these four sticks. open up the legs with the strings. it starts sa kreegt iecreting t isn't. i get quality time with the frog. before he is released. cold, sticky, wet. hold it. not harmful. unless you how it and put it in your eyes or mouth. after making it all the way here. i can't back down.
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i will feel it. blood is rushing to my eyes. i think i might need to throw up. the question is why do people do this to themselves. i'm going to find out after how i feel. a few hours later, still a little lightheaded. but also, full of energy. all most become to there mall. miracle medicine, maybe not. but the magic and wonder of the amazon, undeniable. for "nightline," i'm maryanne van zeller in peru. >> so interesting. >> that's it. the magic and wonder is what he got at the end of all that. that, not cured of depression. cured of disease? >> well, why dent we test it out firsthand. i have some. >> no, no, no. no. no. >> what if the cures your depression. >> ready. >> youoo
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with rid-x. time now for the mix. we will start with some ncaa basketball. so, a reporter in nashville, tennessee, had the task of reporting the tournament. as we do. one problem. couldn't get rights to any clips from the tournament. so, he made lemonade, got creative. check this out. he says, yes, i did make this. i went with things i found lying around my desk. >> there goes, the real basket. make shift hoop, come posed by a key chain ring. lego batman. one player. superman another. a rubber ducky involved. he says this is what happens when we can't show ncaa highlights.
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>> at his desk. rubber ducky. i ladies and gent busted. >> oh i survived. >> i am busted completely. maybe the first hint i wasn't going to do well. picked unc wilmington thinking chapel hill. this means i lost our bet. which, which, which was that -- revenge is a wonderful thing. >> i have to dress up as kendis' alma mater mascot. there is just one problem. >> state university of oswego its so poor. how poor? they can't afford a mascot. so just going to get creative. find something for you. all right. stay tuned. >> stay tuned. stay tuned. >> speaking of basketball for that. there is a cute 7-year-old girl. a phenom playing basketball. look at her. e
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completely crazy. at, at, dribbling globetrotters got wind of that. do some serious pushups as well. and surprised her at her school. and, and, did a little moves with her. after giving her the uniform. gets a uniform and everything. look at her skills. take a look. gets to watch her idol do her thing. >> yeah, you're pretty good. and then, she is like, oh. i got this. and what? >> 7 years old. they give her and her family to go see the globetrotters. >> picked this one for you. a 12-foot long cobra. paying a visit to villagers. let me know when you are done. didn't want to attack anyone. it was thirsty. they did what i am sure you would do. gave the cobra water. >> talk about the brackets.
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this morn6ing on "world news now," the race to cover severe storms turns deadly. veteran storm chasers on the hunt colliding with each other. their final moments captured on camera as the storm threat continues today. >> on capitol hill, former gymnasts testify to lawmakers about the sexual abuse they say they suffered while on team usa. but, it was the deafening silence of who did not show up that is also making headlines. >> also this half-hour, hillary clinton in her most politically charged speech since the election. >> hear what clinton said about the trump administration's first few months in office and she rails against diversity in the washington leadership. >> just stay close. >> action packed "spiderman"


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